In this section, generally, we are asking for stuff, different ones but mainly electronics.

We have many options to choose from!

Donate, Sell or even Enquire about your needless stuff.

Maybe we can put them in good use and you come out with some ocket money.

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Hand in your stuff! (Recycling Option)

Hello to all our guests and members,

We are in need of DDR3 and DDR4 Memories, SATA 3 Hard Drives, USB Sticks, Ethernet CAT 6,7 Cables, Routers and basically any electronics.

The main purpose is to give the opportunity to people who dont have the means necessary to buy them new and need them cheap.

You are given two options.

Money Offer.
Enquiry first, to see how much we can give you for your electronics and if we are in need we can give you an offer. We require exact screenshots of the items as a minimum and we send you the money after we have received the items.

Donate/Recycle your electronics. In this case, if you have a stock of used rams or usb sticks, we are paying you, a symbolic price and in most cases for really lightweight items, we pay you back a percentage or the whole amount of your shipping cost. Please make sure to state accurately the status of the item(s).


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